Luyện thi ETS TOEIC 2020 – Test 7: Reading (Phần 2) – Học Hay

Part 7

Directions: |n this part you will read a selection of texts, such as magazine and newspaper articles, e-mails, and instant messages. Each text or set of texts is followed by several questions. Select the best answer for each question and mark the letter (A), (B), (C}, or (D) on your answer sheet.


Questions 147-148 refer to the following notice.

Our Return Pledge

If the products you purchased from Things Galore do not perform to your expectations, please return to our store for an exchange or a refund. Refunds may be issued on full -price purchases only. See for details.



  1. Where would the notice likely appear?

(A) On a coupon

(B) On a Web site

(C) On a product label

(D) On a sales receipt

  1. What is suggested about Things Galore?

(A) It will not issue a refund for all items.

(B) It does not sell discounted products.

(C) It has recalled defective items.

(D) It is having an annual sale.


Questions 149-150 refer to the following text-message chain.


Ed Singh (9:46 A.M.) Hi Marisa, has David Yuen stopped by your office?


Marisa Viteli (9:48 A.M.) Not that I know of. I just got here.


Ed Singh (9:49 A.M.) OK. He’s having a hard time debugging a program and

T told him to ask you to look at it, I hope you don’t mind.


Marisa Viteli (9:50 A.M.) Not at all. He’s on the Zandos project, right?


Ed Singh (9:51 A.M.) Yes, they’re building an order-tracking system and it has to be delivered in a few weeks.


Marisa Viteli (9:52 A.M.) Ah, that’s a huge program. I can see why he’s having : coding problems.



  1. For whom do the writers most likely work?

(A) A home repair business

(B) A food delivery business

(C) A building construction company

(D) A software development company

  1. At 9:50 a.m., what does Ms. Viteli most likely mean when she writes, “Not at all”?

(A) She does not know David Yuen.

(B) She has not been to her office yet.

(C) She is willing to help a coworker.

(D) She is part of the Zandos project team.


Questions 151-152 refer to the following e-mail.


Outbox <customer_service @>


Waris Duale <warisduale@>


September 1


Store news

Great news, Ms. Duale. Outbox, the number one office supply store in the Grindstone River Valley region, has expanded its store on Lakeview Avenue to include an office furniture department. To mark this occasion, members of our rewards club will receive a 20% discount on all office furniture. Additionally, they will earn double rewards points during this sales event. Orders are accepted in all stores as well as on our Web site, Use this opportunity to update your business office, and, in the process, save some money and accumulate rewards points. Hurry, offer ends September 30.



  1. Why was the e-mail sent?

(A) To introduce an online ordering process

(B) To announce a new store location

(C) To mention a special offer

(D) To explain a new program

  1. What is indicated about the store on Lakeview Avenue?

(A) It was recently enlarged.

(B) It has updated its Web site.

(C) It often hosts sales events for rewards club members.

(D) It was the first Outbox store in the region.


Questions 153-155 refer to the following memo.


  All Staff


Donaldo Mata, Facilities Supervisor


July 22


Drilling process

As I reported at last week’s staff meeting, we are now in the final planning stages for the new addition to our headquarters building. — [1] —. As part of the process, contractors will be drilling holes tomorrow in the north, east, and west sides of the building to do structural analysis. — [2] —. The drilling is expected to take several hours, and the work will be very noisy. I realize that this type of noise can be very distracting to employees who are trying to speak with customers or conduct meetings. — [3] —. I have requested that the cantractors begin drilling on the east side, closest to the Customer Service Office, so that drilling can be finished before peak service hours. Please keep windows on all sides of the building shut to minimize the noise and prevent any exhaust fumes from the drilling rig from entering the building.


— [4] —. I will be here all day supervising the process and will be available to answer any questions. I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.



  1. Why are the holes being drilled?

(A) To identify the best location for a well

(B) To install an improved drainage system

(C) To facilitate planning of a building project

(D) To analyze the soil quality for landscaping

  1. What does Mr. Mata ask staff to do tomorrow?

(A) Work from home

(B) Close all windows

(C) Tour the new office space

(D) Reschedule client meetings

  1. In which of the positions marked [1], [2], [3], and [4] does the following sentence best belong?

“However, there is little that can be done regarding noise levels.”

(A) [1]

(B) [2]

(C) [3]

(D) [4]


Questions 156-158 refer to the following press release.


Contact: Pilar Rios, Media Communications,


LOS ANGELES (April 18}—California-based Belle Development has entered into an agreement to collaborate with the firm Holden Assets, which is based in London. ‘The companies will join forces to remodel and transform Open spaces in airports, train stations, hotels, and office buildings for retailers. According to Belle spokesperson Irina Carson, “The projects will improve both the experience of customers and the revenue streams of the property owners.” During the press conference on Monday, Carson said the two companies had been so successful when they worked together previously remodeling an airport in Naples, Italy, that they “decided to make it a long-term relationship.” The venture begins next month with the redesign of shops and restaurants at a train station in Barcelona.



  1. What does the press release announce?

(A) The launch of a new product line

(B) The relocation of a company’s headquarters

(C) The increased earnings of a real estate firm

(D) The start of a lengthy business partnership

  1. The word “spaces” in paragraph 1, line 4, is closest in meaning to

(A) holes

(B) areas

(C) seats

(D) parks

  1. Where does the press release indicate a project was completed?

(A) In Los Angeles

(B) In London

(C) In Naples

(D) In Barcelona


Questions 159-161 refer to the following notice.

Dear Visitors:

Heylin Park is a rugged wilderness site, Our trails are grassy and unpaved, and many contain protruding tree roots, rocks, and stumps. Licensed park rangers will remove fallen debris if a Wail becomes impassable, but in order to maintain a healthy habitat for wildlife, the land is otherwise kept in its natural slate. To support our efforts, we ask that you please take nothing home with you aside from photographs and memories. Please allow the flowers to grow wild and leave sticks and stones where they are.


If you would like to learn about the different trees, shrubs, and flowers growing in our park, you can join a free ranger-guided hike. These are held every Saturday from 2:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. Just add your name to the sign-up sheet at the check-in kiosk, located near the park entrance.


Thank you and enjoy your hike!




Heylin Park Management



  1. What is suggested about Heylin Park?

(A) It is an undeveloped area.

(B) It was affected by a recent storm.

(C) Its entrance fees are being raised.

(D) It is the location of many research projects.

  1. What is prohibited at Heylin Park?

(A) Camping overnight

(B) Hiking without a guide

(C) Visiting without a permit

(D) Collecting natural objects

  1. What can visitors do at the check-in kiosk?

(A) Register for a tour

(B) Subscribe to a newsletter

(C) View photographs of plants

(D) Volunteer to help build trails


Questions 162-163 refer to the following article.

Bryson Business Development Network Expands

Its Learning Program


(March 14) – Last summer, after offering on-site courses for over ten years, Calgary-based Bryson Business Development Network began offering a different set of workshops for people who have recently started a business. Hundreds of new business owners signed up for the online sessions, which focused on topics such as Web site development, marketing, and advertising. This summer, the company will introduce some new earning opportunities. “We are excited to announce the launch of a wide variety of in-depth courses led by experts in the field,’ director Rosa Gonzales said. “To enable everyone to learn more about the courses, we have created a brief video highlighting the main points that will be covered in each course. Customers are invited to view this introductory presentation free of charge on our Web site to help them decide which of our offerings best meet their needs.”


Registration and more information are available at



  1. What is the purpose of the article?

(A) To announce a company merger

(B) To provide marketing tips

(C) To introduce a new director

(D) To publicize online courses

  1. What does Ms. Gonzales encourage people to do?

(A) Make a payment

(B) Complete a form

(C) Watch a video

(D) Contact an expert


Questions 164-167 refer to the following online chat discussion.

Live Chat

Ariana Jones (1:18 P.M):

Hi, Renalto and Janice. How are things coming along with those blogs I asked you to start?

Janice Canto (1:20 P.M.):

I am thinking of profiling the members of our team of investment advisors.

Ariana Jones (1:22 P.M.):

Could you give me more details on that?

Janice Canto (1:24 P.M):

Well, I want to feature an interview with a different team member every month. I could get a little personal and professional background information, and inquire about the member’s views on investment strategies, that sort of thing.

Ariana Jones (1:25 P.M.):

Nice. Our customers would really like that. What about you, Renalto?

Renalto Pereira (1:27 P.M.):

I’m thinking of reporting on emerging stock market trends. I’ve already collected a lot of material about this topic.

Janice Canto (1:27 P.M.):

Sorry, I have to leave for a meeting in about five minutes.

Ariana Jones (4:28 P.M.):

Sounds interesting. Do you need assistance with the research?

Renalto Pereira (1:29 P.M.}:

Thanks, but j think I’ve got it covered. oa

Ariana Jones (1:30 P.M.):

OK, I’d like both of you to get back to me by Monday with your progress on these ideas.



  1. In what industry do the participants most likely work?

(A) Finance

(B) Health care

(C) Technology

(D) Real estate

  1. What is suggested about Ms. Jones?

(A) She will help Mr. Pereira with his research.

(B) She supervises Ms. Canto’s work.

(C) She will be out of the office on Monday.

(D) She needs information about a job applicant.

  1. What is indicated about Ms. Canto’s blogs?

(A) They will be ready by the end of the day.

(B) They will be written by several team members.

(C) They will be published once a month.

(D) They will be designed for internal company use.

  1. At 1:28 P.M., what does Ms. Jones mean when she writes, “Sounds interesting”?

(A) She wants to know more about Ms. Canto’s meeting.

(B) She likes the subject matter of Mr. Pereira’s blog,

(C) She is pleased with recent stock market trends.

(D) She likes to receive positive customer feedback.

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